• Ideal for long term glamping on picturesque lifestyle block or farm
  • Perfect to build extra revenue income stream with great ROI potential.
  • Big enough to be set up as luxury glamping  accommodation.
  • Large front covered area to enjoy the outdoors.
  • Designed to withstand NZ's changeable weather conditions.
  • Made using durable materials to be left up over long periods.
  • Designed to offer maximum space inside and out.    
  • Relatively easy to set up and take down.

A big tent designed for the glamping market. Built big and tough with long lasting durable materials to be set up and left over the long spring, summer, autumn and winter months. 


  • A tough PVC roof secured over the frame for protection from sun and rain. 
  • PVC Side wall panels with clear PVC windows - unzip and roll up in good weather or unroll and zip them into place for bad weather or to protect canvas tent walls when not in use. (*differs from panels shown in photos/video - this improvement makes the tent easier to use and has been made based on suggestions from users)
  • Large PVC front awning for outdoor living under cover
  • can be used without inner tent


  • Inner tent suspended from underside of frame 
  • Breathable, mold resistant 400gsm polycotton canvas
  • 24sqm internal area (4m long by 6m wide) enough for plenty of furnishings 
  • 6 large windows with mesh layer
  • Heavy duty PVC floor sewn in
  • Large front entrance can be zipped open for outdoor views and lifestyle
  • Middle Curtain 'wall' divider to create 2 rooms 
  • Covered front entrance area 2m long x 6m wide for covered outdoor living no matter the conditions. 


  • Strong framework easily assembled
  • Long lasting strong Aluminium tube frame - will not rust.
  • Aluminium 3mm tube poles 5cm diameter - 2m pole sections connected with aluminium elbow joints.
  • Can be set up over ground or secured to wooden deck

Orson Tent Glamping Canvas 6x6m 210kgs

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We have a new shipment just arrived. Limited quantity remaining, and recommend contacting us if you are interested. 

Semi-permanent, heavy duty, durable 6m x 6m glamping tent suitable for all types of glamping set ups on farms, orchards, lifestyle blocks, camp grounds and the like. Perfect opportunity to earn some extra revenue or set up your palace for personal use.

Durable construction with strong aluminium pole structure, heavy duty PVC fly and detachable sides and canvas tent that handles NZ's changeable weather. Very spacious with 6x6m footprint, 6x4m tent and max height of 2.6m. Straightforward, simple set up that does not require designated deck or special skills. 

5 year warranty on poles, 2 years warranty on PVC cover and canvas tent.


  • Total size: 6m x 6m = 36sqm
  • Interior size: 4m x 6m = 24sqm
  • Covered awning: 2m x 6m = 12sqm   
  • Side height 1.9m, centre height 2.6m
  • Inner tent 400gsm Polycotton canvas
  • Roof and floor 500gsm heavy duty PVC
  • Weight 130+ kg