• Size: 290cm x 200cm
  • Tarp only weight 380g, drawstring bag 15g
  • Packed size: approx 20 x 10 x 5cm
  • Tie outs: 13 tie outs - 12 around perimeter and 1 in middle
  • Line locks attached to 6 tie outs - 4 corners and 1 at each end of the ridgeline
  • Material: 20D Ripstop silnylon (silicon top coating one side and PU coating on the other)
  • Waterproofing: PU3000mm with taped seams
  • Optional Rope: 20m x 2mm red rope with reflector strip, weight 70g
  • Pegs/Poles: NOT included

Orson Tarp Skyline Silnylon Ripstop No Pegs No Rope 2mx3m

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Our Skyline 2x3 Ultralight tarp weighs in at just 380g. Made from strong 20D Ripstop Silnylon with a waterproof rating of PU3000mm. Almost 6sqm coverage and great for minimalist camping or those looking to provide a bit of extra shelter for the campsite.

Easy to carry at 380g and a small packed size. A handy no fuss piece of gear to giving you lots of options to pitch and use as a standalone shelter or extra covered living area. 

Comes with line locks attached at 6 tie outs making it easy to get a taut pitch - one at each end of the ridgeline and at the four corners. Has 13 reinforced tie out points giving you multiple options for set up. 

Includes oversized drawstring bag big enough to fit tarp, rope, pegs etc.

Optional 20m length of 2mm red rope with reflector strip, 70g, $9 (not included unless ordered)

*No poles or pegs included - check out our range of tarp poles and pegs.