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The Zipper is our long corner and shot gun special, which will work well no matter how far back you place it. Its straight, tight swimming action will continue in any sea conditions at any trolling speed. The long profile gives great stability in all conditions. Longshots work within a large range of effective trolling speeds from as slow as five and up to twelve knots. This low end speed allows these lures to be successfully trolled alongside rigged dead baits. Due to the balance of these lures they are excellent in the calmest of conditions plus still work great in the rough stuff.

Pakula Longshots will work perfectly at the distance of long trolling positions using flat lines which is great for boats that do not have outriggers or centre riggers, as is the case with many small boats. Though these lures are specifically designed for use in long positions, you will find that they will all work very well in any normal trolling position.  The action of these lures is a very tight swimming action and head shake. The bubble trail is very long and concentrated. Longshots are straight runners as are all Pakula Lures with these running the shallowest, diving to just under the surface after breathing. They are working their best when they breathe every five seconds.


Name: Paua Zipper

Hooks: Dojo 20 or 25

Rigs: 20/15 25/15

Leader: 100lb

Head Length: 44mm

Head Width: 22mm

Skirt Size: 150mm

Total Length: 194mm
Position: Long Corner, Shotgun


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