• Made of 6061-T6 Aluminum

  • Ball bearing: 2

  • Gear ratio 1:1

  • Drag system: Smooth cork disk


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  • Large arbor design

  • Smooth cork disk drag system

  • Incredibly light weight fly reel

  • Contains a large Diameter cork drag with a low startup inertia, creating a smooth feel

  • The reel contains a one-way stainless-steel spindle bearing with the addition of an internal cap and O-ring seal

  • The has been designed to allow for easy removal via the sealed O-ring screw cap that tightly locks to the spindle

  • The drag is tightly sealed by an additional high density ABS cap to keep out moisture and debris

  • Silent retrieve combined with a subtle line out clicker to compliment the reel

  • Designed to allow for right to left hand conversion.