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Optimus Crux Camping Stove Lite

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For trampers, TA walkers, minimalists and bikepackers who are keen on cutting down weight as much as possible, the Crux Lite has all the performance of the Optimus Crux while shedding a further 11 grams off the total weight through the removal of the folding burner heads. Focus is on low weight, performance and affordability. 

If you're the type of person that keeps weight to a bare minimum and shaves off weight whenever possible then the Crux Lite is what you're looking for. Dependable, strong and powerful with superb heat distribution, the Crux Lite will have dinner and a hot drink in front of you in no time.

Compact enough to fit inside your cookware and light enough to make you think you forgot to pack it!

  • Powerful burner head providing 3000W
  • Wide burner head for better flame dispersion ensures better simmering capability
  • Green fold-away handle on control valve for easy operation and compact storage


  • Stove type: Gas
  • Fuel type: Gas (canister not included)
  • Average burn time; 90 min
  • Fuel consum ption: 220g
  • Average boil time for 1 L of water: 3 min
  • Power in kWh: 3.0
  • Width: 56mm
  • Height: 71mm
  • Diameter: 57mm
  • Weight: 72g