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Toit Tool Pliers Holder Black

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Designed to fit all Toit Pliers. These plier holders can be attached to a kayak, cooler box, boat, cleaning station, beach cart, rod spike, well just about anything fishing related. You might be accessorizing your beach cart or just hoping your buddy doesn't wander off with your pliers in his pocket 150 yards down the beach or you just like to have your stuff in its place. Then these holders may just save a ton of hassle and possibly save a another pair of pliers being lost in the sandpit. All the screws and bolts are A2 stainless steel and the holder comprises a clear black polycarbonate lid, two blue silicone inserts not only to protect the tools but add a positive grip to your pliers of choice and protect the boat or item you are attaching it to. These are all joined together by the main body holder which is available in white or black POM material. There is also a stainless steel dowel attachment for a Toit Tether, securing your tool in position.