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Orson Tent Acc Telescopic Pole Carbon 6 Sections 180cm Removable Spike

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These extendable ultralight tarp poles weigh in at just 190g, designed for ultralight users who have to carry their gear. Get any height from maximum 182cm down to minimum 46cm, so easy to fit into most packs.

Constructed using 3k carbon fibre, with 6 easily adjustable telescopic sections that can be extended and locked in place with aluminium twist locks. Ideal for use with ultralight tents, tarps and simple shelters where trees are hard to be found. Workd with our Ultrapack SW, Ultrapack DW, Indie 1 and Indie 2 tents, as well as with our ultralight Skyline 2x3 and 3x3 tarps. If using larger, heavier tarps and tents check out our heavier 200cm x 32mm version here

Comes with a removable 5cm spigot that can be used with eyelets or removed giving you a flat top for use with pyramid tents etc.

*Price is per pole

Features and specs

  • 6 telescopic sections with alu twist locks
  • Height: min 46cm - max 182cm
  • Top spike: 5cm, removable
  • Maximum diameter: 22mm
  • 3k carbon fibre
  • Weight: 190g
  • Colour: Black