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Orson Roof Top Tent Acc Mesh Anticondensation Mat

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Roof tent anti-condensation mats are great for helping prevent condensation on the floor of your roof tent. And adding an extra layer of comfort to make your mattress feel that much more comfortable.  The 3D spacer mesh in the anti-condensation mat maintains a gap between the floor of your roof tent and the underside of your mattress. This mesh holds its shape and allows for better airflow under the mattress and helps with condensation prevention, and increases longevity of the mattress reducing chances of mold buildup. As an added bonus gives you an extra layer of cushioning for comfort. 

  • Under-mattress ventilation helps prevent moisture buildup
  • Prevents moisture coming into contact with the mattress base
  • An extra layer of comfort under your oof top tent mattress to take the edge off for side sleepers
  • Mattress size: 120cm wide x 220 cm long x 12mm high

These are a generic size to fit different roof tent models and will need to be secured to floor of mattress base for most roof tent designs to hold it in place (eg applying velcro tabs, elastic straps, safety music etc).