Orson Tent Acc Pole Indie1 Carbon Fibre 115cm 77gm

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Lightweight 77g carbon fibre poles great for use with the following Intents and Orson tents ...

  1. Indie 1 and Indie 2
  2. Max 1 and Max 2
  3. Ultrapack SW
  • Perfect for use with ultralight tents that require a trekking pole to set up, lighter than aluminium poles and trekking poles.
  • Made from high-quality rigid reinforced 3K wrapped carbon fiber tube.
  • Shock corded with end caps and removable rubber foot on base. 
  • Total weight 88g (pole 77g + removable rubber foot 11g)
  • Total length 115cm
  • Folds down to 4 sections 32cm long
  • Includes velcro strap to hold sections together when folded
  • Also available in 120cm and 130cm lengths
  • 11mm diameter rigid 3K carbon fibre tube (not designed to bend)
  • 115cm total length,
  • 4 x 32cm long sections 
  • Pole 77g, removable rubber foot 11g