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  • Made of 70D coated nylon
  • Double stitched and tape sealed hood construction
  • Lightweight, waterproof fabric
  • Accommodates a large backpack
  • Easily converts to a two-person shelter
  • Double stitched, tape sealed, three-panel hood

Sea to Summit 70D Nylon Tarp Poncho 400gm

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The Nylon Tarp Poncho is a top performing and durable multi-functional piece of gear. Designed to cover you and your pack in the rain and doubles up as a functional tarp as well. Ideal in climates where a full raincoat may be too sweaty. It features a seam taped, 3 panel hood construction and a wide brim.

  • Size: 137cm x 253cm
  • Weight: 400g
  • Colour: Blue
  • Packed size: approx 18cm x 9cm diameter