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Pakula Cockroaches combine the best features of both Chuggers and Sprockets, resulting in a very stable lure for rough conditions. After breathing they dive very deep carrying a huge bubble trail, all the while shaking their heads violently. They then leave the bubble trail behind and increase their swimming action back to the surface to start the cycle again. These lures have a very aggressive action below the surface that all game fish find totally irresistible. Their cycle should be worked at least every 5 seconds. The lures in the Roach range will work in any fishable condition at any trolling speed. Their best positions are short corner and short rigger. This range of lures is particularly effective in rough seas, even trolling straight into a steep sharp chop, where most fail to perform forcing many frustrated fishermen to head for the dock.

Name: Paua Micro Cockroach

Hooks: Dojo 20 or 25

Rigs: 20/15 25/15

Leader: 100lb

Head Length: 22mm

Head Width: 22mm

Skirt Size: 150mm

Total Length: 172mm
Position: Short Corner, Short Rigger and all position sin choppy or rough seas


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