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The short stubby profile and specific shape gives Pakula Shortshots incredible stability in all conditions. The medium and large sizes are particularly effective in very rough and windy conditions where the extra drag created keeps them in position lessening worries about lures blowing out and tangling.

Pakula Shortshots work within a large range of trolling speeds with a leaning towards the faster end of the scale from eight to a very fast twenty knots in moderate conditions. The action is very active, incorporating a heavy head shaking swimming action with an aggressive bloop as the lure hits the surface to breathe, the lure then dives deep to dispel trapped air in a large mass of foaming bubbles and turbulence. These lures work well in all positions particularly in the very difficult close positions with great ease of placement.

Each of the Pakula Shortshots has proven to be successful tournament and trophy winners. The “Pacemaker” is named after Len Brook’s boat “Pacemaker” as this lure was his “Secret Weapon” used to catch some of the fish that gained him the title of Australia’s Champion Marlin Angler for the two years 1991 and 1992.


Name: Paua Pacemaker

Hooks: Dojo 40 or 45

Rigs: 40/40 45/40

Leader: 400lb

Head Length: 42mm

Head Width: 48mm

Skirt Size: 324mm

Total Length: 366mm
Position: Short Corner, Short Rigger


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