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CD Haku Topwater

The CD Haku topwater range has been designed in NZ for chasing one of the hardest fighting fish on the planet – the Haku aka Yellowtail Kingfish. Utilising a super high-modulus 46T graphite blank and the finest Alps and Fuji componentry, the Haku series is lightweight yet extremely powerful - ideal for both casting all day and turning big fish out of gnarly terrain. The rods have been designed specifically for stickbaiting with a slightly softer action through the tip to ensure that even the most temperamental high-end lures are easy to swim without pulling them out of the water. The action when loaded up is parabolic to take the hurt off the angler when a fish is digging in, while the lower section is capable of putting extreme amounts of pressure on the fish to turn its head in a hurry when needed.

  • Super High-modulus 46T Graphite Blanks

  • Designed specifically for stickbaiting for New Zealand kingfish

  • Winn Grip on foregrip

  • Fuji Reel Seat

  • Alps SIC Guides

  • Parabolic action

Haku 8’ PE 3-6

The perfect New Zealand topwater rod, ideal for throwing mid-sized lures in the 40-120g range. Very light yet extremely powerful and at 8ft is great for both boat and land-based stickbaiting. With its softer tip and powerful mid and butt sections it will swim stickbaits throughout its weight range with ease, and has some serious stopping power when required. Perfectly matched to a reel in the 8000-14000 size range and will tackle most topwater kings around the country.

Haku 8’3” PE 5-8

The ultimate big fish weapon - whether its XOS New Zealand kingfish or big GTs in the tropics, this rod is designed to stop them in their tracks. With a cast weight up to 160g you can deploy the big guns and have the stopping power to back them up. At 8’3 it is ideal both boat and shore based, and being a 3-piece rod it is ideal for travelling to those big-fish destinations. Despite possessing a huge amount of power, it will swim lures down to 80g and the lightweight blank means you can keep casting all day. Ideally matched with a 14000-20000 sized reel for stopping properly big fish.

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