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Okuma Kotare

Kotare is the Maori word for the sacred kingfisher bird. This bird inspired this purpose-built range of rods by being fast, light and purpose built.

New for 2020, the Kotare range has been developed to provide the highest level of performance in the Okuma range. This range of rods is made from the highest modulus carbon we could find and coupled with the best components provides a lighter, stronger and more responsive rods that are designed for Kiwi’s by Kiwi’s. The 46T carbon construction is coupled with Okuma’s patented UMR (Ultimate Matrix Reinforcement) technology so while you maintain the sensitivity of a high modulus rod, you do not have to forgo on durability. Every rod has its limitations but with UMR, it maximises the performance of the materials adding enhanced reinforcing to vulnerable areas strengthening the overall action and minimizing weight.

The Kotare range will be the flagship range for Okuma New Zealand and each and every rod has been designed and tested in New Zealand. We guarantee these rods will impress, but we’ll let you be the judge

Kotare Mechanical Jig

The all new Kotare jigging rods are the ideal New Zealand kingfish rod. Featuring Winn Grips, 46T graphite blanks and top of the line ALPS and Fuji componentry the Kotare jigging rods are super lightweight allowing you to jig all day, while the UMR technology reduces the risk breakages associated with high-end graphite rods. The rods pack a huge amount of punch despite their lightness, with a parabolic action allowing the angler to put plenty of hurt on the fish when required. With a jig weight of 150-300g and available in both spin and overhead configuration, the Kotare jigging rods are perfect for most situations around coastal New Zealand.

  • Super high-modulus 46T carbon blank

  • Ultra Matrix Reinforcement to increase durability

  • Winn Grip on foregrip

  • Fuji reel seat

  • ALPS SiC Guides

  • 5’3” 150-300g Lure Weight

  • Parabolic action with huge lifting power