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The Smoking Jo is an impressive heavy tackle long corner lure. It has an impressive tight continuous action and long turbulent smoke trail. We have noticed that the statistics on this range of lures known as the Long Shots, have performed particularly well in in blue colour combinations. The exception to that is the Smoking Jo in the colour Kona which has become one of the best producing lure of all time for large Striped Marlin in New Zealand waters and Monster Blue Marlin in many places around the globe. The Original Smoking Jo has been redesigned so that it will have a continuous action, doing away with the 'flat spot' the previous models suffered from. The statistics of the Evil Angel Smoking Jo are approaching the success of the Lumo Sprocket as a heavy tackle lure and with the latest modifications in design and skirt technology we won't be surprised if it out fishes previous versions of the Pakula Sprocket!


Name: Paua Smoking Jo

Hooks: Dojo 45 or 50

Rigs: 45/55 50/55

Leader: 400lb

Head Length: 81mm

Head Width: 50mm

Skirt Size: 360mm

Total Length: 441mm
Position: Long Corner, Shotgun


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