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The Reel
The Okuma Coronado CDX 60 Baitfeeder Reel features on/off auto trip bait feeding system that allows you to disengage the spinning reel spool and allow the bait to run freely. The precision dual force drag system and carbonite drag washers maximise high-end drag pressure, efficiency and overall smoothness. Slow Oscillation System can improve line lay.

Quick-Set Anti-Reverse
Engage the reel in one direction for rock-solid hook sets.

Cyclonic Flow Rotor
Provide more precise tolerances for precision gear alignment, maximum cast ability and ultimate durability.

Dual Force Drag
Maximise high-end drag pressure, efficiency and overall smoothness.

High Performance Bearing
The bearings are more than 10 times more resistant to saltwater than standard stainless steel bearings and even outlast the angler himself.

Slow Oscillation System
Makes the line wind more straight and tight, reduce the friction when casting.

The Rod
The Okuma Tournament Concept Rod is built using Okuma's patented Unidirectional Fibre Reinforcement technology. Exclusively designed for Kiwi anglers by the team at Composite Developments - each one built strong enough to fight tough fish and last you many seasons!

It's manufactured using a patented process with an outer layer of longitudinal fibres around the rod blank to significantly increase strength and power in the tip section. This offers lifting power and strength up to four times conventional graphite rods. The Okuma Tournament Concept Rod is durable, powerful and can be fished by all anglers with confidence.

Okuma Coronado CDX 60 Baitfeeder Reel Features:

  • On/Off auto trip bait feeding system
  • DFD: Precision Dual Force Drag system
  • Carbonite drag washers on Dual Force Drag
  • Heavy duty, brass DFD and spool shaft stabiliser
  • 4HPB + 1RB corrosion resistant stainless steel bearings
  • Quick-Set anti-reverse bearing allows for zero back play in handle
  • CRC: Corrosion-Resistant Coasting process
  • Machined aluminium, screw in handle system
  • Slow oscillation system for improved line lay
  • Corrosion resistant graphite body and rotor
  • CFR: Cyclonic Flow Rotor technology
  • Hydro Block water tight drag seal
  • Machined aluminium, 2-tone anodised spool with LCS lip
  • Heavy duty solid aluminium bail wire
  • RESII: Computer balanced Rotor Equalising System

Okuma Tournament Concept Rod Features:

  • Patented Unidirectional Fibre Reinforcement technology
  • Built tough enough to fight big fish and last you many seasons
  • Significantly increased strength and power in the tip section
  • Lifting power and strength up to four times conventional graphite rods


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If you're looking for a reliable bait feeder combo, then the Okuma Coronado CDX 60 Tournament Concept ML Spin Combo is what you're looking for. It features the ultra-smooth Okuma Coronado CDX 60 Reel and the tough Tournament Concept Medium Light Casting Rod. A versatile and durable set to hunt those big predatory fish!

Okuma Coronado CDX 60 Baitfeeder Reel Specifications:

  • Model: CDX-60
  • Gear ratio: 4.4:1
  • Bearings: 4HPB+1RB
  • Weight: 563g
  • Line retrieve: 86.7cm
  • Max drag force: 12.2kg
  • Mono line capacity: 0.30/375, 0.35/275, 0.40/210 mm
  • Braided line rating (Tuf line): 290/50

Okuma Tournament Concept Rod Specifications:

  • Type: Medium Light Casting
  • Pieces: 1
  • Length: 7ft
  • Rating: 6-10kg