• Set includes: 1.9-litre SigmaPo™, 2 x DeltaLight™ Insul Mugs, 2 x DeltaLight™ bowls and one dishcloth
  • Bowls and mugs securely nest in the pot
  • SigmaPot™:
    • Premium grade stainless steel cooking surface for durability, abrasion resistance and easy cleaning
    • Strainer lid for efficient draining with Lid-Keep™ keeping the lid off the ground when not in use
    • Patent-pending PIVOT-LOCK™ handle with ergonomic silicone grip for secure, easy operation and locks the lid to the pot for transport
    • Large internal radius allows easy cleaning and matches the Delta cutlery profile
    • Graded volumetric scale for accurate measurement
    • Textured base for stability on camp stoves
    • Compact nesting SigmaPots™ are compatible with Sea to Summit SigmaPans™, DeltaLight™ range of camp dinnerware and aluminium AlphaPots™ and AlphaPans™
  • DeltaLight™ bowls and mugs:
    • BPA-free, microwave safe, lightweight and ergonomically shaped
    • Mug comes with removable easy clean insulation sleeves and silicone sipper lids for easy stacking and cleaning

Camping Resale Sea To Summit Sigma Cook Set 2.1 APOTSIGSET2.1

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The Sigma Cookset 2.1 is a space-saving, compact and functional outdoor camp kitchen set for two including 2 DeltaLight™ bowls, 2 mugs and a 1.9-litre SigmaPot™. Everything weighs 610g and fits snugly into the pot for easy packing and carrying. 
The pot is made from strong and lightweight premium marine-grade stainless steel for a durable and abrasion-resistant cooking surface with grippy, heat-absorbing base for stability on a camp stove and a Pivot-Lock™ handle that both provides a secure grip and locks the lid to the pot for compact storage. The two bowls and mugs are BPA-free, lightweight, ergonomically shaped and nest securely inside the pot.
  • Average Weight: 610g
  • Packedsize: