• Compatibility: Fits all standard hammocks, single or double wide.
  • Coated on-slip zones: On the top and bottom to keep your pad and sleeping bag in place all night.
  • Ergonomic: Pad wraps the body to create a barrier preventing cold from creeping in from the bottom and sides.
  • V-Chamber Design: Limits air movement keeping you nice warm.
  • Flush Flat Valves: Secure and comfortable, our flat inflation and deflation valve allows for easy inflation and opens wide for rapid, complete deflation.
  • Lightweight: Packs small and weights only 27.3 oz, light enough to backpack with.
  • Patch Kit included for emergency repairs
  • Hammock not included.

Camping Resale Klymit Hammock V Sleeping Pad 765gram

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The original air pad by Klymit that changed the way people sleep in a hammock. Sleeping comfortably in a hammock has its challenges, namely staying in place throughout the night. That’s where the Hammock V™ shines. Strategically placed non-slip zones on the top and bottom of the pad keep everything—including you—firmly in place. And innovative side walls reduce draft for 180 degrees of form-fitted comfort.

*Sleeping pad only - hammock not included.

Weight: 816 g
Dimensions: 198 x 119 x 6 cm
Packed Dimensions: 20 x 10 cm
Material: 20D polyester
R-Value: 1.6