• Collapses flat to 15mm for compact packing
  • BPA-free, food-grade flexible silicone sides
  • Cut resistant stable X-Bowl base is great for chopping and cutting food
  • Nylon ring at X-Mug rim maintains shape and prevents scalded fingertips
  • Collapsed X-Mug nests inside the flat X-Bowl
  • Calibrated as a measuring cup
  • Spill-resistant and easy to pour from
  • Set comes in an Ultra-Sil zippered pouch with mesh panels
  • 180 grams

Camping Resale Sea To Summit X-Set Mug & Bowl 2 Piece Dining Set with Pouch

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For the outdoor enthusiast who likes to keep their gear organised! Collapsing flat to only 23mm high, this set is perfect for those looking to conserve space. This set comes with an X-Bowl, X-Cup, and a lightweight zippered pouch with mesh panels to keep the X-pieces all tidy inside.
Two-piece set includes: X-Mug™, X-Bowl™ and Ultra-Sil™ zippered pouch