• Longer 210cm size
  • Premium AA Grade, ripstop silk
  • Polyester/Lycra® stretch gussets improve comfort and life of liner
  • Increases thermal performance of sleeping bags
  • Machine washable and colourfast
  • Lightweight and super compact
  • Double folded and reinforced seams
  • Extends life of sleeping bags by keeping them clean

Sea to Summit Silk Liner With Stretch Panel Long 145gm

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These liners feature the finest ripstop silk and have polyester/Lycra® stretch panels along the length of the seams so that the liner moves with you when you turn, roll and curl up during the night.
Using a liner increases the thermal performance and extends the life of your sleeping bag. Washable and keeps your sleeping bag clean. Compact, light weight and easily carried. In warm temps can be used instead of a sleeping bag. Note that stretch panel colour may be or may not be coordinated with the silk depending on which batch they have come from.
  • Colour: Navy
  • Shape: Long rectangular
  • Length: 210cm 
  • Width: 85-95cm
  • Weight:145g 
  • Liner: 100% Silk, Trim: Polyester/Lycra, Storage Bag: 100% Nylon