• Air Sprung Cells™ conform to your body shape, providing a more even dispersion of pressure across the mattress for a more comfortable nights sleep
  • Ultra-Fresh® anti-microbial treatment to the TPU formula to prevent internal mould growth
  • Multi-function high flow-rate valve provides fast inflate, deflate and easy fine-tuning for personalised comfort
  • Wider at the hip and narrower at the shoulder
  • Includes an Airstream™ Pump that is integrated into the stuff sack for quick and easy inflation
  • Includes a repair kit for easy puncture repair in the field
  • Included Pillow Lock™ system attaches Sea to Summit pillows to mat
  • The Comfort Light range features dual layer of high resolution cells in the torso for maximum comfort and insulation, and single layer of medium resolution cells in the head and legs for reduces weight.
  • Exkin Platinum® is a very lightweight and quiet metallised fabric. Exkin Platinum® thermal technology reflects radiant heat back to the user
  • THERMOLITE® insulation lofts up inside the Air Sprung Cells™ to prevent convective heat loss from your warm body to the cold ground
  • Extrusion TPU lamination is vastly superior to roll-to-roll lamination, helping to prevent delamination
  • Lightweight, quiet and grippy 30/40D Nylon fabric

Camping Resale Sea To Summit Women Comfort Light Insulated Mat 555gm

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Specifically designed and engineered for women, you get it all with the women’s Comfort Light™ Insulated Mat: comfort, minimal weight, insulation and durability.

The Women’s Comfort Light Air Sprung Cell Insulated mat features a women’s specific shape that is wider at the hip and narrower at the shoulder. Well insulated with R-Value 3.9 and a 6.3cm thickness for a comfortable night's sleep. Easily inflated, light weight 575g and compact packed size making it easy to carry on the move. 

  • Size: Regular
  • Length: 168cm
  • Width: 55cm
  • Height/Thickness: 6.3cm
  • Weight: 585g
  • R Value: 3.9
  • Rolled Size: ø13 x 24cm