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Okuma Tournament Concept Boat Spin

The Tournament Concept series of rods are built using Okuma’s patented Unidirectional Fibre Reinforcement technology. These rods, designed for Kiwi anglers by the team at Composite Developments, are manufactured using a patented process with an outer layer of longitudinal fibres around the rod blank to significantly increase strength and power in the tip section. This offers lifting power and strength up to four times conventional graphite rods. The 7ft 6-10kg and 7ft 10-15kg spin rods are ideal for straylining for big snapper with a sensitive tip for bite detection, a fast taper for setting hooks and a huge amount of low-down power to extract big fish from reefy territory. Ideally matched to the Okuma Avenger or Coronado baitrunner reels, the Tournament Concept Boat Spin rods are a truly excellent choice for keen strayline fishermen.

  • Toughest graphite rods on the market

  • Patented Unidirectional Fibre Reinforcement technology

  • Lightweight and sensitive yet durable graphite blanks

  • Significantly increased strength and power in the tip section

  • Designed by kiwi fishermen for New Zealand fisheries