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Bionic X9 ultimate performance braid is constructed using an 8-carrier outer plus a core strand incorporated for an engineered round profile, that lays neat and casts long, even when fishing under extreme conditions, heavy drag settings and against New Zealand’s hardest hitting and toughest fighting species.

Hot Pink coloured Armour-X coatings increase abrasion resistance, while also increasing line visibility and making bite detection a breeze. Bionic X9 is engineered for zero stretch and excellent knot strength.

Born from developments in materials, machinery and line coatings, Platypus is proud to bring you the new Bionic X9 braided line.



  • Super smooth, slick, and supple for long, accurate casts.
  • Armour-X Coatings for increased abrasion resistance.
  • Nine-carrier engineered round profile lays neat and casts long, even under extreme conditions.
  • Hi-vis 'Hot Pink' colour for enhanced visibility and bite detection.
  • Engineered zero stretch and excellent knot strength.
  • Available in 150m and 300m spool lengths in 6lb-80lb.